Your personal statement is your one opportunity to allow the admissions officer to “meet you”, to visualize the person behind the numbers.

Yet most essays suck, as students are unfamiliar with the writing style required of application essays. Some essays are bad enough to cause the applicant's rejection.

At EssaysCoach, I channel my insider knowledge of the application process into detailed and comprehensive coaching that will help transform your essay from "blah" to "wow!"

Getting into a top college can change your life. Yet these colleges are becoming impossibly selective. Don’t waste your chance.

Who am I?

Hi, I’m David, your EssaysCoach. Unlike most other essay coaches, I have an insider’s perspective on the college admissions process. Working for the admissions office of a university with single-digit admission rates, I have reviewed numerous applications and “graded” a wide variety of application essays.

I will review and coach your essay from an admission officer’s perspective, allowing you an insider’s peek into the process. My detailed and comprehensive coaching will allow you to craft an essay that will make your application come to life.

Many other essay-coaching services outsource their projects to reviewers with just a few hours of basic training. At EssaysCoach, all essays are personally reviewed by me, to make sure each student gets the expertise and attention they deserve.

A warning though: I will not coddle you. I am a brutal critic and will not hesitate to call out every shortcoming I see. Having reviewed applications for a very selective institution, my expectations are very high. Don’t worry, your essay will be better for it.

Coaching Areas


Grammar and spelling errors make an essay seem sloppy. I'll inspect your essay meticulously to eliminate every silly error.

Content Review

Many essays are either cliché or shallow. Others are irrelevant and uninformative. I’ll “grade” your essay's content and give suggestions on how to make it more impactful and relevant.

Structure and Tone

Many essays with great content are ruined by poor structuring and tone. I'll work with you to make sure that your content is framed in the best possible way.

Topic Brainstorming

Choosing an essay topic is hard. Within the context of your entire application, I’ll work with you to brainstorm a few topics that best highlight your strengths.

Here are a few things that satisfied clients of EssaysCoach have said about me.

Thank you so much EssaysCoach for helping me review and edit my essays so meticulously. You made such insightful and helpful comments! It really exposed the blind spots in my essays and helped a ton in clearing my thought process.
- Student

Thank you EssaysCoach. I am much more confident in my child’s chances now.
- Parent

EssaysCoach helped me frame my ideas into a coherent narrative. He also helped me notice often-overlooked details that turned out to be essential.
- Student

Thank god for EssaysCoach. My son said your corrections are much better than his teacher’s. We also used a service from another website, but it was not very effective. They only changed his grammar. Thank you for your help, I can sleep better now.
- Parent

Coaching Packages


Our basic service contains one Proofreading review. I'll weed out every silly mistake in your essay.

0-500 words: $58
501-1000 words: $88
1000-2000 words: $108
Rush order (24hr): +$55


Our recommended package is actually a two step process. First, I'll review your essay's Content, Structure and Tone. After you have made the necessary changes, I'll submit the essay to a thorough Proofreading. While other essay coaches lump these two steps together, I believe that after the first step, the essay would have changed so much that you'll need to proofread again. You can request to combine the two steps though!

0-500 words: $118
501-1000 words: $168
1000-2000 words: $208
Rush order (24hr): +$55*
*Two step process unavailable


Our elite package guides you step-by-step through the essay writing process. We'll start with a Brainstorming session over Skype, after which you'll come up with a few outlines. I'll review these outlines for Content and Structure. There will then be a two-drafts process, where I'll further fine-tune your writing. Finally, I'll Proofread your third and final draft for any remaining errors.

0-500 words: $348
501-1000 words: $398
1000-2000 words: $448

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